What is the only Arrowhead used for Big Game?

As many of you may know, an arrowhead is the sharp and harsh tip of an arrow. It makes up for most of the projectile mass and is the one that is mainly responsible for hitting a target and penetrating it as well.

When they first formed, they were generally made up of stone and some organic materials.

With the advancement of technology, the materials used in the formation of arrowheads also began to change, and used different alloy materials for arrowheads.

To this day, we have several arrow smiths who produce a significant amount of spear and arrow points every year.

So, let’s now get straight to the point and answer the question for which you are here. The only arrowhead used for big games is the broadhead arrowheads.

Broadheads are a highly complex bunch, and finding the right one is not easy, but if you do get your hands on the right one, you only need one shot to knock the big heads down.

But as with everything, some are not such appealing broadheads, some that are very redundant.

Why Broadheads are regarded as Big Game Arrowheads?

If you plan to hunt big animals like antelope, elk, mule deer, etc., arrow penetration is essential in precisely killing these animals.

The four components of penetration are kinetic energy, friction, broadhead selection, and arrow anatomy.

The reason broadheads are so effective and are chosen for big game hunting is simply because they have a razor-sharp and solid build. They quickly help in achieving the goal of slicing through vital organs or vital organs of the animal.

Broadheads are even more appealing and impressive because they have no moving parts and are very strong, robust, and reusable for big animals.

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How to Set Up a Broadhead?

All you need to do here is put your arrowhead onto the arrow, which is relatively simple, and you only need a Broadhead wrench and an arrow.

Make sure you use the wrench because without it, there are chances of hand slipping, and seriously you don’t want those considering the sharpness of the arrowheads, which may lead to painful cuts or injuries.

Why do you ask if the wrench is vital? It is simple as the wrench covers the blades, and it carries the head nicely, making it easy for you to screw it onto the arrow.

How to Know if your Broadhead is Sharp Enough?

To know if your broadhead is sharp enough, you just need to run a simple test.

First, you need to carve a little square frame of the wood, stretch some rubber bands over the frame, and cover most of the opening.

Now, this is where you will know if your arrow is ready for hunting or not. If it easily cuts through the rubber bands, then voila, but if it is not cutting through smoothly, then your arrowhead is probably not sharp enough, so just sharpen it a few times and keep trying.

Types of Broadheads

Types of Broadheads

There are basically three types of broadhead arrowheads, and each one of them has their own use and comes in handy in different situations.

Fixed Blades

The most common and known type of broadhead arrowhead is the fixed blades. The old-school bowhunters use these fixed blades and are best suited for bows with lower draw weights.

The fixed blade is designed in a way so that it can be glued directly onto the arrow shaft.

You can use fixed blades in almost any situation since they are sturdy and have a robust and one-piece construction.

There is also no worrying about any damage to the blades, thanks to the robust construction of the edges. The fixed blades are also reasonably easy to install.

One of the methods is called the screw-in method, which is suitable for most screw-in ferrules and is best paired with a broadhead wrench that helps avoid any injury.

Another method to install fixed blade broadheads is called the glue-on method, where it is glued directly onto the shaft of the arrow.

Removable Blade

What’s impressive about the removable blades is that they come off very smoothly, making it an absolute dream for target practicing.

Another great thing about the removable blades is that in case some damage happens to the blades, the blades can be simply replaced, which means you don’t have to ditch the entire head.

Only replacing the blades is affordable and also means that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

The removable blades are specifically designed to be replaced on the ferrule, and as we mentioned earlier, there is no need to ditch the entire broadhead in case the blades are damaged.

Mechanical or Expandable Blade Broadhead

If you are keen on doing some big game hunting, you just can’t go wrong with the Mechanical or Expandable Broadhead.

The blades that are present in these mechanical broadheads have an ability to retract before anyone shoots them and remain that way until it hits the point of impact.

The blades can also expand once they come in contact with a target which exposes the cutting edges. This really comes in handy when you are hunting a game that is more than 50 lbs.

You can also use these expandable blades with bows that are listed more than 50 pounds, as more energy will be required if you wish to open them up once you make any sort of contact with them.

The construction of the removable blades is also awe-inspiring as they are shaped like a compact bullet and are able to fly in a straight manner and very quickly as well.

The mechanical blades usually consist of two to three folded blades against the head shaft. That’s why there are some chances that a mechanical broadhead might stick out in flight.

You should also know that the mechanical blades are not the most durable blades, so you may see them fold if you hit the bone in a not-so-ideal fashion. This is the reason why many mechanical blades fail to deploy correctly on contact; that’s why mechanical blades are best suited for one-shot use.

Also, remember that there is a positive in all of this: most mechanical heads these days have cheap replaceable blades.

What is the Ideal Weight of a Big Game Arrowhead?

A lot more goes into finding the right big game broadhead than just what type of big game broadhead you want. Knowing the dimensions and the weight of the arrowheads are also very critical.

As per popular belief, or most experts say, better penetration is found chiefly when the broadhead is heavy.

Broadheads are best when they are between 100 to 125 grains with a length of 0.7 to 1 inch and two sharp edges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a broadhead arrow kill a big game?

A- What makes broadhead-tipped arrows unique is that they deliver a low-energy impact that kills by cutting vital tissues. At the same time, bullets incapacitate an animal by breaking significant bones and crushing tissues and bones.

For what purpose are broadhead arrows used?

The primary goal or purpose of using broadhead is hunting big game. You need to nail down the selection of the right arrow and broadhead combination for your bow and the game being hunted, which are very important in order to get significant penetration. There are three types of broadheads which are called: fixed blades, removable blades, and mechanical or expandable blades.

Final Thoughts

We hope we have done our bit in filling you in with the correct information regarding the only arrowhead that can be used for big game hunting: the broadhead.

Broadheads are popular for a varied amount of reasons, and one of them is that they are razor sharp and come in many styles. Also, make sure you get yourself the ideal fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads.

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