Great Tent Camping Ideas, Hacks, Tips & Tricks

There are many ways to have a joyful and memorable experience with your family and friends and camping is hands down the most enjoyable and fun way.

Moreover, we see a rise in people who are opting to go out camping with their crew every year. Camping is arguably the best escape that you can have.

But we know one can feel a bit inundated to spend a night in the woods for the first time or if the individual is a beginner.

As with everything in life, planning is crucial, and camping is no different. Always keep in mind the better, the plan the better the experience.

We have heard from so many people how their lack of preparedness cost them an enjoyable camping experience where it felt more like a chore rather than a fun experience.

Things can go south very quickly in a camping environment like your tent can collapse or those nasty bear attacks. That is why we created a well-thought-out plan with some fantastic tent camping ideas and helpful tips that will help make your getaway fun and exciting.

So now, with all that information out of the window, let’s get straight into the stuff that matters.

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Camping Tips and Tricks

Pack it Up

You need to make sure you grab all of the necessary items with you. These items should be selected based on the amount of space you have, the time, and how you travel.

Hikers should always keep their load or backpack as lightweight as possible so they can easily walk.

Choose the right Backpack

There is no perfect backpack for anyone; it all depends on how long your back is and how much distance you are going to cover.

Most backpacks are weighed in liters, and the multi-day backpacks are 60-80 liters which is just what you need if you are going on a 2-5 day hike.

Here are some of the best backpacks under $100 that you can choose from.

Sleep Tight

Many people think they won’t have the quality sleep they get at home at camp, but the truth is far from that, thanks to so many sophisticated products these days.

You will need a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad for even better comfort and sleep.

Make sure your tent is waterproof and doesn’t carry any leaks because, as you know, the weather can go south anytime.

Also, check how many people you will carry with you as, ultimately, you will buy a tent that fits your crew and depends on the number of individuals you have on board with you.

If you are going camping in spring, summer, or fall, then a lightweight three-season tent is just what you need, while for winters you can go with a mountaineering tent that stands strong amidst harsh weather conditions.

If you like to camp in all seasons, here is a review of the best four-season tents.

Pack some Cutlery

You cannot bring a truckload of snacks or packed food with you for camping as the absolute joy of camping is cooking your meal and enjoying it with your clan (how about some S’mores).

You must pack your cutlery, including a skillet, pot, propane stove, utensils, cups, bowls, plates, etc. Also, you will need some charcoal if you want to grill anything, wood, and matches as well.

To put out the fire quickly, use some sand and water.

Tasty and Convenient Snacks

Camping doesn’t mean you don’t get to eat your favorite food. However, you must take snacks with you that are light, easily packable, should not be messy, and can be eaten without needing to cook them.

Some excellent camping snacks include protein bars, granola bars, beef jerky, trail mix, coffee, tea, and peanut butter.

Making coffee while camping is one of the most popular activities. Find out how you can do it.

Pick the Right Clothes

You must wear the right clothes or rather the suitable fabric while camping.

You should always have your raincoat with you because you can’t predict the rain, a hat to save yourself from the direct sunlight, a swimsuit if you want to experience any lakes or rivers around you.

Also, you should wear clothes that have moisture-wicking properties and synthetic socks which keep you sweat-free.

Don’t forget your Flashlights

These days with the advancement in technology, we have so many cool gadgets to make camping easy, convenient, and safe.

Always pack some flashlights or a lantern, and some additional batteries and your phone charger as well.

Hygiene is key

It is no secret that when you are out in the woods, you will get dirty no matter what you do, but that is no excuse to stay that way. Instead, make sure you follow a simple but effective cleanliness routine to remain hygienic.

Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste with you to keep your mouth clean and fresh. A bar of soap or a body wash lotion should be for a clean and soothing bath,  and make sure you have toilet paper.

Where to Camp

This is a crucial part of camping as the location hugely determines the quality of your experience. There are many places which you can select as your campsite like the national parks, state parks, etc.

Always see how much facility a campsite provides as that will take it up a notch in terms of fun and ease. Some good campsite facilities include community bathrooms, barbecue grills, WiFi, etc.

You must reserve your spot in advance and don’t go to campsites that are situated at a very high altitude as one might suffer from altitude sickness.

Putting Your Tent Up

Now comes the crunch part of the exciting part because now that you are at the campsite, you now have to pick a nice patch of the area to pitch the tent and put it up.

You can do it or get all hands on board if you are there with your clan. You should always select an area where there is easy access to water if you can for obvious reasons.

Boots And Sunscreens

Let’s be honest you are not going to get a smooth ground out in the wild, and the truth is you can select many places told; it will be rough and nasty, so get some good quality hiking boots on to counter the unpleasant terrain and the painful blisters as well.

You must drink loads of water to keep yourself hydrated, and of course, to make sure your skin doesn’t get lynched by the sun’s direct heat, make sure you apply some good quality sunscreen and a baseball cap or a hat. And some sunglasses to protect your eyes as well.

Safety And Ticks

Let’s be honest at the end of the day if you are not camping in some well-known or highly facilitated area, and you will be highly vulnerable in terms of your safety.

So, make sure you invest highly and prioritize on your safety. Some safety items include a first aid kit with all the necessary things, a cream for blisters, an after bite, personal medications, etc.

When you are exposed to high grass, ticks are unavoidable. That’s why you must wear high socks, use insect repellent.

Ticks are very dangerous and can cause Lyme disease, so if a tick bites you, make sure you take it with the help of tweezers. Don’t crush the bug, and immediately wash your hands and use some soap on the area.

Tent Camping Decoration Ideas

Tent Camping Decoration Ideas

You might not have thought about it, but you can decorate your camping tent.

Obviously, it is not necessary to decorate your camping tent, but doing it certainly gives it a nice look, and it is always cool when you have a tent that stands apart from others in terms of looks, feel, and looking fancy.

Your tent doesn’t have to look plain simple and has a monotonous feel to it, as there are many accessories out there that can help accentuate your tent and embellish it.

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can treat your tent the fancy way with the right tools and accessories.

Tips to Elevate Your Tent to The Next Level

Tip 1: First up, we have the suitable old triangle flags. Triangle flags are pretty standard, and the experienced campers out there use them a lot as it gives their tent a beautiful sheen to it. There is no limitation on how many flags you can make, so make as many as you would like and then put it all together nicely.

Tip 2: We all have rugs in our homes, and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t have one inside your camping tent. Rugs will make the interior of your tent beautiful and comfortable to walk on. It will also keep the floor clean and cancel out the dirt, so make sure you take a rug with you next on your camping trip.

Tip 3: Lights are something that adds much-needed glow to whatever they go on. So now, when you hang some light strings around your tent, it would make your full tent look a million bucks, and it will massively enhance your tent.

Lights are beneficial, especially when you crave a home away from home, as when they are lit up, they give a friendly, homely vibe. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to break the bank to buy these lights as there are many budget-friendly lights in the market.

Tip 4: Camping doesn’t mean you will have to eat like you don’t care at all. It is so easy just to eat and get on with it, but it doesn’t have to be that boring. You can set up a beautiful picnic table with some fine-quality plates, cutlery, and some napkins. Believe it or not, you will feel much better eating your meals at a stunning-looking table.

Tip 5: You cannot go camping without taking a hammock with you. Even if you don’t have two perfect trees to hang them, you can quickly turn them with the help of some DIY portable stands. Seriously, hammocks are super comfortable and relaxing.

The hammock is meant for an occasion like camping, and you don’t want to miss out on this beauty. Just the idea of a perfectly stretched hammock with the right accessories is so comforting, so make sure you do not forget to set up a hammock when decorating your camping tent.

Tip 6: With the crazy world we live in right now, technology is developing at a serious pace, so you don’t have to sleep on a boring mat at camp. But if you do somehow want to sleep on a mat, it’s, okay but we recommend you consider getting yourself a blow-up mattress that will, without a doubt, give you the best possible sleep at night.

It consists of superb bedding with some comfortable pillows and a mattress that will provide you with the best possible sleep, and you will feel all vibrant and ready for the day ahead.

Tip 7: We all want a fine picnic table that is all set nicely and has a sturdy build, but if you don’t, just get one, and there is no reason why you should stop there. In addition, you can enhance the looks of your picnic table by spreading a beautiful cover over it.

And put some flowers to take the aesthetics to a whole new level. Your picnic table will add to the beauty of your camping tent, and it helps a lot when you are with your family to eat your food and have a chat.

Tip 8: You also hang some canopies inside your tent or outside your tent if that is something you like. Awnings improve the aesthetics of your tent by tenfold and also provide a comforting ambiance to the interior. A hanging canopy can be placed both inside and outside, and if you decide to put it on the outside, it gives a nice calming space for you to enjoy the breeze.

A primary hanging canopy can be made with the help of a hula hoop and some designed sheets which will accentuate your tent in the looks department.

Camping Tent Lighting Ideas

What type of lighting you use inside your is very important, and it is something that really sets the tone for a fun and vibrant camping experience.

You won’t be staying out camping all day long, and you will be spending a significant amount of time inside your tent. That is why the lighting inside your tent is very important.

Gone are the days when all you had was a boring candle to light up your tent, as these days, there are so many innovative lighting products out there to elevate your camping experience.

So if all of that sounds interesting to you, let’s now jump to some camping tent lighting ideas that will surely and hopefully benefit you.

Tent Lanterns

You can find many different types of tent lanterns, and they are mainly of two types: hanging tent lanterns and traditional tent lanterns.

With hanging tent lanterns, you need to do much as you can just turn it on a tree or whatever area you find suitable to ride it. If you think you are alright and can do this type of lighting, you should definitely go for a hanging tent lantern.

Batteries operate the hanging lanterns, so you can expect them to last long, and the brightness of these hanging lanterns can be adjusted to your preference, and these can also be plugged into a mobile device or a laptop. These hanging lanterns will give the right amount of lighting you need in the tent, and some of them can also be clipped on the inside of the tent.

Everyone knows what a standard lantern is, and these beauties come in all shapes and sizes. Camping lanterns are made with LED lights as they provide excellent energy efficiency, work for long hours, and are long-lasting. They are also very robust and eco-friendly while also being water-resistant.

Clip-on Lights

All the book worms and nighttime readers out there will absolutely love this thing as they can use these clip-on lights for themselves without bothering anybody. The clip-on lights, to be frank, have been without a doubt a game-changer.

You can easily clip these lights onto books and so many other stuff. These are also pretty damn cheap and are super easy to find. What’s even more interesting is that even though they are not so huge, they still last very long since they have batteries in them.

Mini String Lights

We are sure you are familiar with mini string lights as you may have come across them at many parties and weddings. These lights will embellish your camping tent like no other, and they are like fireflies all grouped together to create the most beautiful lighting.

Mini string lights do look a lot like Christmas lights, and you don’t have to worry about an electrical socket out there in the wild because these are battery-operated lights.

These lights provide you just the right amount of light you need, and they also add to the beauty of your tent by tenfold while also providing you the best possible atmosphere.


Tealights are not your fancy kind of lighting, but it works very nicely. Battery-powered tea lights are basically tea lights that are clipped inside some decorative paper-made bags that don’t necessarily glow significantly bright but glow enough to provide you the right amount of lighting.

In addition to that, these battery-powered tea lights are super cheap and affordable, and easy to find as well. Batteries operate tealights, and that is why they last long.

Collapsible Solar Lanterns

Many campers have experienced a similar problem which is the heavyweight of a lantern. It is very hard to carry these heavy lanterns when you are on a backpacking trip and not car camping.

One should always carry as minimal weight as possible in a backpacking trip, and average lanterns are not cut out for that.

On the other hand, a collapsible solar lantern is a game-changer because, of course, it is collapsible, which means you can easily fold it down flat, long-lasting, and it is very light as well.

Make sure you charge the lantern fully so that it lasts a significant amount of time.

You can also hang these lightweight, collapsible solar lanterns inside your tent, and these are pretty easy to find on the market as well.


The headlamp is undoubtedly not the poshest item on the list, but it is undoubtedly an effective and efficient option. If you are someone who likes no fuss about your things and wants to keep things easy and simple, then a headlamp is just what you need.

Headlamps are fantastic in providing great lighting in a camping environment and are very portable while taking very little of your space.

What’s even more significant about these is that you can do a million other things while rocking them. For example, a headlamp can also be hung inside a tent with the help of some tent poles or anything that will help it stay there.

With headlamps by your side or around your head, you will no longer need any extra gear for lighting as these bad boys would be more than enough for you. So do give headlamps a try. You will be amazed.

A Lighted Tent

These days, the products have gotten so advanced that some tent manufacturers have now launched a lighted tent, which might be the closest thing to replicate home lighting.

And, if you want your camping tent to have some magnificent lighting, you must go for a lighted tent. These tents are outstanding for straightforward families and ones who don’t want to complicate things when it comes to lighting because it is super detailed.

These lighted tents come with built-in nighttime illumination and have the best LED lighting. This is something you surely cannot miss out on.

Storage Ideas for Tent Camping

If you want to reconnect with nature and just get away from the hustle-bustle of the city, then there is no better way to do just that than going out camping.

You can rejoice in the beautiful sceneries and just unwind from your non-stop hectic life. But as in everything in life, camping also comes with its fair share of challenges.

When the weather gets crazy, it is not easy to stay warm and comfortable, while the dirt around the camping spot with the sand and mud makes it very difficult to maintain your tent floor in good condition.

Moreover, you also need to make sure that you store all your essential items in an organized and orderly manner so that it doesn’t become an uphill battle when you take all of that stuff out for use.

We get it, it is not easy to store all the necessary items in the right way, but you must remember that staying organized at your campsite is critical for different reasons.

It is easy to make an escape or protect yourself in times of danger when you are conscious of where you have put your stuff.

Don’t Go Too Heavy

Staying well organized is a must as it will help you loads in the wild. You also need to keep your backpack lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere without any problem.

Your backpack contains lots of different pockets, so all you need to do is choose which items you want to keep in any of the pockets. Then, you. You can arrange your toiletries, snacks, cutlery, etc.

If your backpack doesn’t come with a ton of pockets, you can choose to go with some lightweight ditty bags.

Keep the Perfumes Away

Sometimes we, in a rush, pack everything down in no particular order and then end up with an absolute mess.

If you are carrying perfumes or room spray with you, don’t keep close to any other essential item as it might get mixed up in all of that, and the things close to it are likely to absorb the smell of the perfume.

To store your perfumes pleasantly and securely, you can keep them in an Odor-Proof barrier bag, which will provide outstanding protection.

Collect Some Coffee Cans

This might sound weird, but it is one of the best ways to make your storage on point.

You can use some ditched coffee cans or the ones you have just used and reuse them as storage containers. But first, make sure you give them a proper wash.

These cans are just what you need because they are robust, easy to store, and don’t need a tremendous amount of space.

Some store their toilet papers in them thanks to their perfect size and solid lid and because they are water-resistant as well.

Have a Separate Bag for only Camping Purposes

If you maintain a separate bag for camping purposes, it would be easy to prepare for your camping trip.

We all can get very frustrated and annoyed when things are not where they are supposed to be, which is a total turn-off. That is why you must arrange a separate bag which contains all the necessary camping items in it.

This bag is beneficial as if suppose you plan to go camping at the very last minute, then all you need with you is the camping bag you specially made for this purpose, and you can just grab it and go camping.

Obviously, you cannot keep every item in that bag as stuff like a sleeping bag, or sleeping pad would not fit in it, so you can write these items on a list or make a checklist.

Use Plastic Totes to Organize your Gear

You must keep your gear organized and in good condition while also storing it in the right place.

If your gear is nicely organized and organized, you can get out quickly whenever you want to.

Plastic totes come in handy, especially the larger ones you can keep your gear in, and to distinguish the gear type, you can use some duct tape which is conducive to identifying where the equipment you need is stored.

Another great thing about these totes is that they stack very nicely on top of each other and fit very well in the closet.

Try Stuff Sacks

If you are someone who is lazy and doesn’t want to do all the hard work of putting things into their places the right way, then stuff sacks would be a welcome addition to your storage.

The best part about a stuff sack is that you can use it for car camping and backpacking trips.

There is no given rule to arrange your gear in a certain way with a stuff sack because you can do it as you like to get more manageable when you pack and unpack. Moreover, you can use your stuff sack for different things like using one for just clothes and another one for cutlery or toiletries.

To make things easier and distinguish between the different stuff sacks, you can always label them from the outside.

Pack to the Point

Packing is one of the most critical steps you need to get right before heading off to your campsite.

This is especially true for backpacking trips because if you pack your gear inside your backpack correctly, then half of your problems would disappear.

You must know your backpack first and put everything where it belongs so that there would be no motley of things around when you reach your campsite.

Make the Most out of Plastic Bins

Plastic bins certainly don’t have a good reputation, but they can be your messiah to put all your camping storage into order.

Plastic bins work very nicely for car camping storage and at-home outdoor gear storage.

Plastic bins are very beneficial as they help you keep everything tidy, plus they also keep everything organized.

What’s even great is that you don’t need to label them or name them because you can see through them.

Get Mindful with your Organization

You need to make sure you are organizing things mindfully because if you are not organizing everything the right way, you will end up in trouble when you are out in the wild.

You must have different bags or luggage that are meant to store all the other things you need for camping purposes.

It can be a duffle bag, a stuff sack, or a plastic bin as with these you can cover all the areas of camping like cutlery for the kitchen, or toiletries and stuff for your tent.

This is a superb way to organize your gear and find it without any problems.

How’s the Trash?

Yes, the trash is not the first thing you think of when planning a camping trip but just think about the amount of garbage you will leave behind after you are finished camping.

That’s why you must come up with ways to store the trash. For example, you can use ziplock bags to repack all of your food before you go camping. You were getting rid of excess packaging before your camping trip also.

You can also store all your trash in plastic bags by reusing them, which will help you organize your trash as well.

Another way to get organized with trash is to have Pop-up trash cans, which are very sophisticated and can help you keep your trash stored nicely while in camp.

Flooring Ideas for Tent Camping

Those who compromise on comfort will eventually end up paying the price. We say this because some people think they might get away with their shoddy tent floor.

Many of the first-time campers quickly realize that there are tons of sticks and pebbles under their tent.

It can be disconcerting and can’t be ignored. It can be challenging to find the right floor for your tent as there are many different options. You may get inundated if you are a beginner who only just got into camping.

You need to consider some crucial things before you choose the best floor for your tent. To make your next camping trip fun and comfortable, you need to get your tent floor right.

But, before choosing a tent, you cannot skip having a tarp on top of your tent, which will stop any moisture from getting inside the tent from underneath.

To know more about setting up a tarp, check our article on how to put a tarp over a tent.

Don’t worry, and we have compiled some top tent flooring ideas with the correct information, which you can take and choose the best floor type for yourself.

What is the need for a Camping Tent Floor?

It is not a given or necessary to have a plush and soft tent floor. Of course, you cannot enjoy your camping trip without a comfortable foundation as well, but it certainly adds to the all-around comfort and gives you the best camping experience.

A tent floor will provide you a magnificent sleep while also making your trip more fun and helping you forget all the pain, and give you the best escape.

If you are a traditionalist, i.e., someone who likes to experience the outdoors and nature as it is, you are certainly better off without a tent floor. The added comfort that the tent floor provides under the foot is just incredible.

And don’t forget the winters, because if you are camping in the winter season, then a tent floor will provide you with an added layer between you and the ground and keep the tent nice and warm.

It is fair to say that there are plenty of reasons to have a tent floor, and it is that without a doubt elevates your camping experience.

Let’s now take a look at some of the tent floors.

Camping Mats and RV Mats

Camping mats and RV Mats are trendy and are a go-to for a tent floor for many campers. These mats are fantastic and stay very nicely beneath the tent while also providing comfort to your feet.

These mats are very useful in protecting the base of the tent from any damage.

Normal Tarps

Not everybody wants a lovely soft tent floor beneath their feet; some people are okay with typical tarps as well. However, it protects you from the ground and keeps you off it, and also helps you save a whole lot of cash and save space.

The only negative of keeping an ordinary tarp as your tent floor is that you will get minimum to no comfort as there is no padding.

Heavy Foam Rubber

One of the best and comfortable flooring options out there is the heavy Foam rubber floor. The foam rubber floor works the best and provides top-notch comfort when there is absolutely no moisture in the ground and it is hard as a rock.

It is durable and super comfortable, and long-lasting while also staying in the best shape possible no matter how bad the terrain is.

With all the positives that come with a foam rubber floor, one of the best is the inside of the tent, where the bed is so soft and comfortable to walk on.

For the hikers out there, we know how bad your feet get after a long day of grind, and coming back to a tent with a superb padded and soft floor feels so much better.

The main negative to a heavy foam rubber floor is its weight, and it is not easy for some people to carry this much load for camping trips.


Blankets, especially softer ones, are very versatile and convenient while also being very easy to clean. However, blankets will end up taking a lot of space.

If you bring a lot of blankets with you, you must determine your aim with these; if you just want to chill all day, then a few extra blankets won’t be a problem.

You can use a vast, soft blanket in case you don’t have any other flooring options.

The negative with blankets is that sometimes they are all over the place, moving around the floor, and someone may also get tripped as they are super flexible, which gets very problematic.

Artificial Grass 

While it may not sound as popular as many other tent flooring options, artificial grass may well shock you by the quality and comfort it provides.

It looks very nice and certainly adds to your tent’s overall aesthetics and gives a relaxing feel to your feet.

Artificial grass floors can be cut according to your tent’s floor size, or they can also be used as an entry mat. Synthetic grass can take all the dirt and sand that might stick to your feet after you come from outside, making it very comfortable to walk inside.

What really stands out about this artificial grass flooring is the super easy cleaning process, and all you need to do is shake the grass rug out, and all the dirt would go away.

You can also use the artificial grass at home or keep it to use only for camping purposes. The only negative of artificial grass is that it can become a bit bulky when you roll it up.


Another fantastic tent flooring option is a carpet. Carpets as flooring options are very convenient and versatile. They can be used for travel purposes and can also be cut to the shape of your tent’s floor.

Carpet flooring is super comfortable, and another reason it stands out is that it magnificently cuts out any feeling of debris underneath.

The prices generally vary in terms of carpets, but they are straightforward to find in flooring stores.

The cost of a carpet depends on its type and quality, so make sure you pick what suits your budget and something affordable and long-lasting.

Carpet floors are not available to everybody, and if you are someone who doesn’t have access to one, you can also buy a big carpet rug that also works superbly as a tent floor.

Make sure you get a large carpet rug and then cut it to fit your tent floor.

Rugs and Mats

Rugs and mats are hands down the quickest and simple tent floor that you can very easily find and make.

It is cheap, affordable, and an accessible floor idea that helps make an added layer that enables you to stay away from the debris underneath.

All in all, rugs and mats may not be the poshest item on the market for a tent floor, but the great thing is that they get the job done.

Some negatives of rugs and mats are, it is hard to find the right size, it is time-consuming, and the tent floor can get a bit bumpy sometimes if it’s laid down the wrong way.


Why should you put a groundsheet under a tent?

It doesn’t matter if your tent has an in-built groundsheet. You should always put another groundsheet under your tent as it secures the bottom of your tent from any potential harm and keeps it tidy. It also provides your tent with an added layer of insulation from the cold.

What should be the ideal thickness of a tarp under a tent?  

The tarp must be 2-3 inches smaller than the outside dimensions of the tent as it ultimately helps prevent pooling. Clean the area and get rid of all the branches, pebbles, and sharp rocks that are lying in the place where you will set up the tent.

What are some things you should never keep Inside a tent?

You should always keep all of your supplies away from your tent and also don’t forget to keep your toothpaste and deodorant away because they have a strong smell that can attract bears. Another thing to note is that you must never sleep in clothes you’ve eaten in or cooked with. Make sure you keep all of these clothes in plastic bags and away from your tent with all the other supplies.

What are the five W’s of a safe campsite?

If you want to survive in the wild, you need to know the five W’s. These five W’s are crucial factors of wilderness survival that you must know to make sure you stay safe and sound, and your family stays comfortable and safe as well. The five factors comprise Wind, Water, Widowmakers, Wood, and at last, Wildlife. These factors together are known as the five W’s.

Final Thoughts

Camping is not as complicated and boring as people say. When the planning is right and the execution is done right you expect to have a stellar camping experience.

That is why we have compiled this vivid list of different tent camping ideas which will elevate your camping experience. We hope we have done our bit.

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