How to Attach Tent to Backpack – The Correct Way

You have made plans to go on a thrilling adventure that will give you a much needed mental break and get you closer to nature. You have got your tent all set to go with you, and you have got your posh adventure backpack with you so, obviously, now you have to pack it astutely.

No need to worry about that as we will be the brains of your operations and give you the keys details on how to attach tent to backpack and we will also take a look at the various other things to consider, so let’s jump right into it.

Things to look at before Attaching Tent to a Backpack

Before you learn how to attach a tent to backpack, you would need to look at some possible perils of it.

Normally, the experienced backpackers carry their tents on the outer part of their backpacks to make more room for other stuff.

The extra space will enable you to carry more gear, make things attainable, and your equipment would be safe and sound. A skilled backpacker should know how to attach tent to backpack without any problems.

While attaching your tent to a backpack has many significant advantages, there are a few downsides to it too.

Your tent stays poised on the outside, which leaves it vulnerable to harm from the sharp objects like branches of a tree once it gets caught, you might as well say goodbye to it.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if it’s not attached rightly, there are chances that your tent could detach from your bag and go down without you knowing it. Certainly, not an ideal situation to be in, is it?

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How to Attach Tent to Backpack

The moment the tent is prepared accordingly is when you know it’s time to attach it to the backpack.

Your tent can be connected to your backpack in a lot of different ways. Your tent and backpack’s packing would determine if your back will feel good or bad, you shall do what works best for you.

Let’s go through the steps on how to attach tent to backpack.

Step 1. Put the closed-loop ties to use if your backpack has loops in order to attach the gear to the backboard and since your tent contains outward straps you can marry the two together. Do ensure that your tent is tied tightly to your backpack and is not floating around loosely. The loops will also ensure that your tent stays put.

Step 2. Compression straps are present in the backpacks which provide a brilliant way to hold additional camping gear. They are present on the sides of the backpack, and they have hooks which can be tightened to protect your equipment. These straps are very conducive in bringing your load closer to your core and make it more steady.

Balance the weight on both sides of your pack to stay solid on the trails. If you feel your straps are strong enough to hold your tent, then use two compression straps, pass them over the tent bag and connect the hooks. To make your backpack steady when wearing it, tighten the loose straps to prevent any movement.

Step 3. External frames are everything that you need to carry the weighted and substantial loads. They are popular for their fantastic assistance. It also helps you cover long distances carrying big loads without much effort. Many external frame backpacks contain a tie point at the bottom and attaching these to the tent barres it from swinging.

If you’re wondering where you should attach your tent, then we recommend that you place it at the bottom of your backpack. This will ease your back from stress and load, and your movement would be as swift as possible.

Packing a Tent in a Backpack

Packing a tent in a backpack makes it much more comfortable and easy to move around with the load and on the positive side, it also helps you make more space for other essential items in your list.

If you are wondering about how to pack your tent in a backpack systematically don’t worry we have got you covered, the following will help you in packing your tent in a backpack:

  1. Firstly, start off by putting down the tent out flat on the ground. Then, in a bag, wrap the tent poles and line it up along the side of the tent. The poles will help in carrying the tent when it’s put aside.
  2. Make sure the pole bag lines up with the tent’s sides, which will help the tent stay rolled. Keep rolling the tent for a few times and then the tent peg too, which will multiply the tent support.
  3. Now, unlock your backpack and carefully insert the rolled tent. Make sure when you pack the tent, it is dry. A wet tent would do you no good and end up making the bag heavier.
  4. Remember to use a waterproof bag to give more protection to your tent and shield it from water getting in.

You would do yourself a favour by practicing packaging the tent at home ahead, especially if you are to pack on the exterior. Scrutinize the tent from the outside to see whether it will remain in place

Packing the tent in a backpack is an excellent idea since it allows more room on the exterior for other different stuff.

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Final Words

So, there you have it. This was us telling you how to attach tent to backpack and how to pack a tent in a backpack. We hope we have provided you with significant value and points so that your camping experience is a perfect ten out of ten. Now, get out there you trailblazer!

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