Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting – Reviews & Guide

Carbon entered the hunting scene in the 1990s and since then has become very ubiquitous. The rise of carbon arrows has been quite remarkable, and these days, many bowhunters prefer carbon shafted arrows.

The carbon arrows are fantastic because they are very light and can significantly hold tighter tolerances than aluminum arrows. This is important as it helps in increasing speed and accuracy and even helps in higher penetration. 

You need the best carbon arrows for hunting because, as a bowhunter, you don’t want to shoot with a shoddy arrow; you always want to shoot with the best arrow possible. Moreover, it helps in enhancing your performance and increases your accuracy levels. 

Many hunters use carbon arrows because they are lightweight, and it doesn’t have any straightness problems because it doesn’t bend like aluminum. 

Furthermore, carbon is also considerably long-lasting as even with heavy shooting, it can last up to two years. 

If you pick a good quality brand, then these carbon arrows will surely last very long. But it can be tricky to look for the best carbon arrows for hunting with the plethora of options available out there. 

10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting in 2023

We are here to guide and help you find the best carbon arrows for hunting with the list that we have curated below with in-depth things to consider or the buyer’s guide.

So without any further delay, let’s get rolling with our list tested and curated by our team of researchers.

Tiger Archery Carbon Arrow

This hunting arrow set is an excellent option for tiger archery and quite decent in your workspace. They are very inexpensive and meet your expectations.

If you are looking for hunting arrows for recreational sports, this set is a great option. These arrows are approximately 30 inches long and 0.309 inches in outside diameter and pretty impressive. There is also a feathered design with two black and white wings.

While helical feathering is more suitable for an arrow, this one does a good job too. The overall outward appearance is beneficial for what you are paying for, and the arrows look easy.

You can judge hunting arrows and their performance based on consistency and structure. These Tiger Archery arrows are strong and made from high-quality carbon.

The presence of high-quality carbon makes these arrows very durable and long-lasting. They are designed for precise hunting and target practice.

The arrow set includes 12 carbon arrows and six interchangeable notches, which is excellent for the price. Another advantage is that the notches are adjustable for each bow; they are not fixed with glue.

A convertible aluminum seat with a multitude of inch thread arrows is the hallmark of this particular set. The arrowheads are made of nickel-plated stainless steel.

These suggestions are helpful for any outdoor scene, and with so many valuable features, this is a great arrow to have in any hunter’s closet.

  • Durable and lasts for a more extended period.
  • Nickel-plated tips that help for outdoor shooting.
  • It has adjustable nocks for bows.
  • Not suitable for massive compound bows.

You may be interested in looking for bow stabilizers to make your aim stable and perfect while you’re hunting your prey.

Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

The Carbon Express PileDriver is the best crossbow bolt if you want superior build quality, stability, and kinetic energy.

It is made from a high-quality carbon composite material known for its durability and reliability. Unlike most commercially available screws, this one is designed to be used repeatedly not to break or be damaged in the event of an impact.

The PileDriver weighs 442 grains, which is quite heavy and makes it the perfect choice to use a powerful crossbow and kill a big game.

Its straightness is approximate +/- 0.004 inches, which, when combined with the 4-inch wing feathers, provides consistency in flight and better precision.

Also, it comes with a moon and flat notches, so you can change them if you have sliding and alignment problems.

This product costs just under $ 40, which is a good deal considering its many high-end features.

However, few archers complained that it was challenging to find lightning in the forest as the green colors blended with the vegetation. The lack of field points, as announced, was also a disadvantage for many.

  • Comes with both flat and moon nocks.
  • Ideal for hunting large animals.
  • Great stiffness
  • Highly durable
  • It is cumbersome.
  • Field tips not included.

Reegox Bio crossbow bolts

The Reegox Bio crossbow bolts are one of the best and most affordable options on our list.

Designed for beginners to crossbow hunting, they are also suitable for young hunters still learning to drive. The materials used to make these screws are very durable arrows that can be used repeatedly.

The screws are 20 inches long and have 4 inches of TPU wings. They also put crescent-shaped notches when you receive them so you can use them right away.

  • Bolts provide predictable shot every time for a tight pack when shooting
  • It comes with 100 cornfield points to create a sturdy crossbow bolt that can kill big game
  • Long-lasting screws will stay secured even if you keep tightening them.
  • It is very much prone to bending.


The BARNETT 16075 is designed for exceptional performance, providing the right speed and accuracy for your target shooting sessions.

They are a standard 20-inch length so that you can use them on many bows and crossbows.

Each pack weighs approximately 400 grains, including the 100-grain inserts. So they are a bit lighter than our best options.

The inserts provide a perfect balance against the wind’s action and allow the bolts to move at consistently high speeds.

It comes with moon notches glued to the post, so you can easily remove them by breaking the glue.

However, as the lightest model, it can miss the target if you shoot from a great distance. Besides, it is only suitable for target practice and hunting of small animals.

  • It is suitable for diverse crossbows.
  • It has replaceable tips
  • Has fast and consistent speed
  • It is ideal for practice
  • Not ideal for hunting larger animals or targets.

Musen Carbon Archery Arrows

Musen Carbon Archery Arrows with Removable Tips are the real deal for practice and target hunting.

Upon closer inspection, you will find that the Tiger Archery 30 inch carbon arrows are very similar in functionality and appearance. These arrows are incredibly straight and light, allowing optimal precision. 

They are also durable and reliable, with exceptional performance during target practice and hunting.

If you want to hunt at different weather times, these arrows can give you balance and a straight trajectory while shooting regardless of the weather, as they are equipped with TPU rubber blades. They are also delivered in a wild environment.

Moreover, these arrows are designed to ensure hunters are safe and their goals are easily achieved. So they can be used by anyone, including children who exercise.

The removable field point is made of stainless steel, ensuring the arrows are corrosion-free and can penetrate the target faster.

  • Has TPU rubber vanes for balancing.
  • Comes with removable field points.
  • Corrosion-free
  • Fletching is smaller

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows

The Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows uses an inserted axle ridiculously flexible in the middle and stiff at the ends. This allows the best hunting arrows to offer broad points with greater precision.

The bowhunting arrows are an excellent choice for hunters who need great arrow speed and destructively hit distant targets. The patented carbon material ensures that the broadheads fly high and straight.

These arrows also have bulldog collars that protect the notches from breaking. Besides, they also feature notches in the dash that improve shaft alignment and allow you to activate a controlled arm.

The trees are professionally measured and have a tolerance of approximately +/- 0.0025 inches, making them the best carbon arrows for hunting.

  • It comes with bulldog nock collars.
  • It is suitable for hunting large animals.
  • Laser checked for straightening.
  • You can’t choose between the colors.

Door 30 Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows

These hunting arrows are one of the best target training arrows with field points. Although these carbon hunting gate arrows have a unique notch for a compound bow, you can still turn the notches to fit the arrow to a long or recurve bow.

The arrow is in good straightness, and if you want to use these arrows on your long or recurve bow, you will need to adjust the notches’ orientation.

It is stacked with 3 “TPU wings and used with 100-grain size bolt-on field tips, and is always ready to fire with the weight of only 36g. The outside diameter is 7.9mm and 6.2mm inner diameter.

It has a backing of 550 to 600, and the boom offers good performance and high speeds.

The arrow is recommended for bows from 35 to 60 pounds, and it comes with a package of 12 pieces. Usually, these 30-inch carbon arrows for hunting gate archery are popular with sport hunters for lighter weight and perfect speed.

These are easy and convenient to use for the perfect hunt. We recommend this type of arrow to look for the best carbon fiber arrows in durability, strength, and lightweight.

  • Has 12 pieces of arrows in each pack.
  • Strong and light in weight carbon shaft.
  • Highly durable
  • Gives low hand shock and high speed.
  • The field points given with the arrows at times fall out.
  • It doesn’t come with nock.

Tiger Archery Crossbow Bolts

Tiger Archery crossbow bolts are preloaded with high-quality nickel-plated stainless steel, so they are well balanced and very accurate. They are great for aiming practice, and they offer relatively reasonable consistency. Thanks to the tips provided, they are also very suitable for small game hunting.

Crossbow bolts are made from solid and durable materials that will last long enough to ensure good practice times. These carbon fiber crossbow bolts are essentially much more robust than other bolt materials. You will receive 12 high-quality crossbow bolts included with your purchase.

Medium-weight bolts are very versatile because they share the speed of the lighter crossbow bolts. They also have the advantage of heavier screws when it comes to high penetration. This means that these screws are also great for driving larger and smaller sets as long as you have the correct bits installed.

The 4-inch wings installed with these bolts provide much more excellent stability for bolts in flight. It also helps correct bolt errors before it hits the target. This makes the screws perfect for indoor practice, as well as hunting and outdoor practice.

Unfortunately, only four moon notches are included with these high-quality crossbow bolts. This means that you will have to spend a bit extra money to get more advice on your screws.

Another downside to this purchase is that you only get the training tips included in the Tiger Archery screws. It would help if you had suitable heads for hunting.

  • It comes with practice tips
  • Highly durable and robust
  • Comes with medium-weight bolts.
  • 4-inch valves already installed.
  • Only four moon nocks included.

No Product Name Set

REEGOX crossbow bolts are made for beginners, new hunters, and archery players, made of durable, strong, and durable carbon material.

It has paddle material with a TPU weight of 9.7g in length; 4 inches; Its colors are two oranges and one red.

The tips are made of nickel-plated stainless steel that can resist rust or corrosion. You have added pictures of the moon that can be easily repaired if damaged.

Besides, the arrows are made of 20-inch long carbon composite material, and they are perfect for crossbows or Xbows. 

The crossbow bolt is highly durable and gives you a longer service life. Beginners or young hunters can train with the crossbow bolt.

It is also the best hunting arrows you can find on the market at an excellent price but very functional.

  • Made out of carbon
  • Designed for beginners and young hunters.
  • Great for target practice and getting you to know with the crossbows.
  • Has good accuracy
  • It is very much prone to bending.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow

The company touted these arrows as the fastest and most accurate hunting arrows in their line.

The arrows are based on the company’s proprietary Dual Spine Weight Forward technology, which combines different carbon materials to create two spines on a single tree effectively. This means that the arrows will stay faster and fly more accurately.

According to the company, the double-column also means that the arrow will start rotating earlier, and the power can be managed more efficiently. The straightness factor for these arrows is +/-. 0025″, which is very good, but the weight tolerance is specified at +/- 1.0 grain, which is higher than other brands.

The pack is sold 32.5 inches long and can be purchased in packs of 6 or 12 pieces.

  • Penetrates the target well
  • Double spine construction
  • Has straight and precise flight model
  • Developed for long-distance shooting
  • Light in weight and is accurate
  • Has Six arrows per pack
  • The arrows get lost and are hard to find if you are unable to hit the correct target.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting 


Choosing the right arrow is essential for any hunter. Before we start using carbon arrows for hunting, we need to know everything about them. These arrows have a carbon shaft and are thick enough to increase their durability.

The best carbon arrows are preferred by both professional hunters and professional archers around the world. However, not all carbon hunting arrows offer similar design dimensions in terms of robustness and accuracy. However, if you can find the one with the correct specs and details after long research and choices, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are a hunter/archer, you should consider a few factors when buying the best carbon arrows for hunting. These factors will help you know what to look for when making a purchase. We have talked about this briefly to make it easier for you to buy the carbon arrows to make your search exciting and successful!


Weight is an essential factor to consider when purchasing carbon arrows for hunting. The gravity of a carbon arrow also alludes to its grains. It depends on the purpose for which you need to use the arrow. If you want to practice aiming, you should choose lighter arrows. The explanation for buying lighter arrows is that they are forced to fly straight through the air. That way, it’s simple and easy to take pictures.

However, when choosing arrows to hunt, consider purchasing arrows that are a bit heavy. When hunting, the arrows must penetrate the prey, and therefore their weight helps. Lighter arrows cannot impart such a penetrating ability to penetrate a live, moving target as if it were a heavier one. Experts say that regardless of using the arrow, be it target practice or hunting, the arrow’s weight should be between 200 and 250 grains.


Another thing to consider is the length of the carbon arrows for hunting. Essentially, the shaft is the centerpiece of the arrow. The long, empty bottle is usually made of carbon or aluminum composite. For this test, we chose carbon bottles.

This carbon shaft length is significant as it determines the distance the arrow will fly downwind while hunting. The ease of use also depends on the size of the arm.

The ideal pen length depends on your preferences, although there is a standard way to calculate pen length. The size of an arrow is the distance from the tip of the arrow to the notch.


There are three types of building materials that are commonly found on the market. They are:


For many years people hunted with wooden arrows. However, this is not the case today. Only if you are a conventional longbow hunter will you use wood-handled hunters. They are heavier, slower, and more difficult to produce when the strict strengths required for bow hunting are met.


For a time, aluminum was the arrow that was often used for archery hunting. Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and can be machined or ground to your desired tolerance. An aluminum bolt’s weight is undoubtedly more significant than a carbon bolt with an equivalent back. With the high-speed bows available on the market today, some hunters tend to use heavier aluminum shafts to exchange the bow’s energy more skillfully.


Carbon arrows first became popular in the hunting world in the 1990s and continued to grow in importance from that point where most hunters only use firearms. Carbon handle arrows for hunting. They are lighter and hold tighter than even aluminum shafts, allowing for higher speeds, greater precision, and more significant infiltration.


The main element of carbon arrows for hunting are called fletchers. The speed, precision, and stability of an arrow are influenced by the type of fletchers used.

There are two basic types of fletchers:

Plastic fletchers

Plastic shovels are the most popular type of fletcher these days. They are powerful, protected from moisture, and cannot be easily bent or bent. That said, they can balance many types of arrows.

They are available in many lengths and styles to suit your needs. The downsides to using plastic wings are that they are generally heavier and don’t fit and springs. They are less forgiving when hit by blocks and obstacles.

Feather fletchers

Feather Fletchers are the most experienced fletchers. Although quite old-fashioned, these are the most popular types of fletchers used by professional hunters and archers.

It is not difficult to understand why they are faster than wings in flight due to their lightweight. They give the boom the best possible stability.

Unlike plastic shovels, they don’t easily drift out of their way when hit by various obstacles. However, Fletchers are not as strong as plastic shovels. Also, they are not moistureproof and are louder than plastic shovels when shooting.


The term “spine” really refers to the strength of the arrow. Carbon arrows are stiffer than aluminum ones. It is essential to have a perfect balance level in terms of the strength of a carbon boom.

If the spine is too large, it cannot fly as it should. It is not going to fly straight. If the column is slightly smaller, the result would be completely different, and the arrow could fly in another direction than expected. With this in mind, the correct balance of force is required for the arrow to fly straight and accurately.

There are several strategies for testing the strength of an arrow. You can try twisting it, and if it is stuck, you will find it quite challenging to twist and bend.

On the other hand, if the resistance is close to zero, it will twist and bend relatively easily. Arrows need precision if they are not durable and strong enough. In the worst case, poorly hardened arrows can transfer energy to the crossbow strings. This is very dangerous for bow use. Therefore, the stiffness or back of an arrow must be adjusted appropriately to be neither too excessive nor too weak.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between carbon arrows and other arrows?

Carbon fiber arrows are much more durable and can last for years longer than any other type of arrow on the market. As the name suggests, carbon arrows are lightweight, durable, and accurate carbon fiber arrows often used in place of aluminum or wood due to their long-lasting quality. They can be a bit expensive, but they are worth considering that they are more reliable than any other arrow type.

What arrow should I choose to shoot the deer?

A good average hunting arrow should fall into 6-8 grain per pound of bow weight, with lighter bows maybe even closer to 9-10 grains per pound—a typical 60 lbs. The bow should be in the 360 to the 480-grain range, weighing 70 pounds—bow in the range of 420 to 560 grains.

How long do carbon arrows last?

Carbon fiber arrows last around two years, even with heavy hits, but it depends on the brand you choose. You will generally want to go for a premium brand, as this will ensure your arrows last longer.


Hunting has become a trendy field, and advances have been made in hunting equipment. Now there are a variety of arrows. And what would hunting be without the right arrow?

In this article, we’ve done our best to help you avoid the confusion of buying a carbon arrow for hunting. Not all available arrows may meet your needs. So we hope this article is helpful for you to buy the best carbon arrow for hunting.

There are a few things to consider when shopping so make sure if follow our buying guide which will help you.

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