Best Camping Mattress for Bad Back

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are enormous.

Everybody wants to wake feeling fine and well-rested, but when you have a bad back, it can be difficult to get the best sleep possible, which is why you need the best camping mattress for bad back.

The best camping mattresses for bad backs are not complex but are pleasantly firm and provide you with several inches of support to prevent any potential discomfort from the not-so-smooth and hard ground beneath you.

Research says that firmer mattresses are suitable for lower back pains and gives you the proper support. Moreover, beds that are too soft are not very good for your hips.

Memory foam mattresses are held in high regard, and it is not a bad pick if you go for a firm model.

You should be careful about the size and depth of your mattress because when you have a bad back, you will want some space to stretch out to positions that are best for your back. 

Furthermore, everyone’s needs will be different, and they should choose their camping beds for bad backs according to their preference.

So with all that information out of the window, let’s now take a look at our list of the best camping mattress for a bad back.

5 Best Camping Mattress for Bad Back in 2023

Zermatte Roll Up Memory Foam Camping Mattress

The Zermatte Roll Up Memory Foam Camping Mattress is a very thick and easy-to-use mattress. 

It features a hybrid design with 2″ Dense Foam Support and 1″ Memory Foam for much-needed comfort on a hard floor or surface. 

You will get the best sleep as the mat’s soft, moldable top layers are perfect for your body and the base gives the right amount of firmness.

The sleeping pad is very compact and easy to roll, which means you can store it conveniently, and it is ideal for traveling. 

Moreover, the set has a tote bag and comes with built-in fastening clips and straps so that the mattress can be carried, or you can wear it like a backpack while camping or hiking.

In addition to that, the soft exterior protective cover can be unzipped and removed easily for easy cleaning in the washing machine. 

The topper is durable and doesn’t slip on slick floors, bed, RV, or cot frames as it has a rugged skid-free bottom. 

This camping mattress is tailor-made for the best sleep experience.

It comes with some additional goodies like a gel eye mask for spa relaxation and comfort fit memory foam earplugs for complete silence and the carry bag also has some practical built-in storage pockets. 

Furthermore, when you are not using the sleeping mattress for vacations or camping, you can use your foldable mattress for visitors or use it as an extra bed in your home.

  • It is super comfortable.
  • The mattress is excellent, and the sleep mask as well.
  • The size is perfect, and it has the right amount of cushions as well.
  • Very cozy, warm, and provides soft protection from hard ground or floor.
  • The covered memory foam pad with the moisture-proof bottom is noiseless and terrific.
  • Rolls up very nicely.
  • It is very bulky when it is rolled up.
  • The side of the pad is not waterproofed.

Better Habitat CertiPUR-US Memory Foam Camping Mattress

The Better Habitat Memory Foam Camping Mattress is very easy to unclip and roll out and versatile.

It includes a fitted waterproof cotton terry sheet and non-slip water-resistant bottom. This is a far more convenient sleeping than its counterparts and comes with premium stitching, fasteners, and zippers. 

Moreover, the Certi-PUR-US Memory Foam involves no mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, fire retardants, and oxygen depleters. In addition to that, to further enhance the indoor air quality, the VOC emissions are very low. 

This is a beautiful sleeping mattress that is super versatile and portable. It has an easy-to-carry handle and comes with a great travel bag for easy loading. 

Guests, camping, college dorms, or an overnight stay, you can have a ball with this sleeping mattress as you can use it almost anywhere. The possibilities are endless. 

Furthermore, the 3″ quality memory foam gives you top-notch overall support and comfort and mitigates joint pain while significantly improving health, mobility, and energy. It is machine washable, and the cover is removable.

  • It provides outstanding comfort, especially for side sleepers.
  • Can provide immense pain relief.
  • Water resistance is very impressive.
  • Provides enough supportive cushion.
  • Provides much-needed relief for your back.
  • It is warmer on chilly nights.
  • Some people might find it a bit small.

LaidBackPad Memory Foam Camping Sleeping Pad

The LaidBackPad Memory Foam Camping Sleeping Pad guarantees extraordinary comfort with its 2⅜ inches thick bed and a super soft polar fleece cover. 

There is the fantastic Cool Flow Technology that is immense in balancing your body temperature. 

It is very portable since each pad is 13 × 12 × 24 inches when it is rolled up and can expand to 24 × 72 × 2⅔ inches when it is laid flat, and its total weight is 8.5 pounds. This sleeping mattress comes with heavy straps for easy carrying and storage. 

Moreover, the sleeping mattress is excellent and durable and is made from top-quality low-VOC memory foam. In addition to that, it will not pop or leak and won’t deflate like inflatable camping pads. 

Another significant feature is that the polyester casing is very durable and robust and is removable water-resistant, and machine washable. 

Furthermore, it comes with built-in connectors that allow you to attach as many pads as you would like. 

This is absolutely the top draw for multiple people and a dream for craving a larger sleeping space. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, and it is best suited for tents, campers, and day backpacking. 

Keep in mind it is not the most ideal when it comes to multi-day hiking and backpacking. All in all, this is a very comfortable sleeping mattress with a stunning design.

  • It has excellent construction and is very lightweight.
  • Provides much-needed pain relief.
  • Quality is excellent, and it is pretty easy to roll.
  • Portability is impressive
  • Provides brilliant warmth and enough cushioning.
  • It is a bit narrow.

Portable Sleeping Pad Memory Foam Camping Mattress

The Portable Sleeping Pad Memory Foam Camping Mattress is a simple yet exquisite sleeping mattress.

It is made out of cotton-poly-jersey. The sleeping mattress has a double-layer high-density foam structure which significantly lessens the human neck, spine, and hip to about 90% of the gravitational pressure. 

This memory foam is 0.78 inches in thickness and has a 1.96 inches thick high-density foam with a mattress foam.

It is the perfect collocation between two types of foam that are very helpful, giving your a fine rest, remarkable resilience, good support for your body, and provide you with some much-needed comfort and relaxation. 

Moreover, the long-staple breathable cotton surface is skin-friendly, and there is no irritation, while the black non-slip bottom is ideal for hard floors or tiles.

It also includes water-resistant zippers, which makes it easier to take off the sleep pads coat and be washed by a machine. 

Another exciting thing is that the camping mattress is water-resistant, sweatproof, and non-slip.

The Portable Sleeping Pad is multi-functional and convenient as it spreads or folds in no time, and it is super easy to roll into the storage bag and can be carried anywhere.

It is best suited for home use, temporary guest’s bed, camping mattress, kids play mat, college dorms, car bed, etc. It also promotes healthy and better sleep and relieves you from your back pain. 

Furthermore, this camping mattress is straightforward to store and carry at home or for traveling and perfect for outdoor activities like car camping with family, traveling, indoor use for house guests. 

  • It is superbly comfortable.
  • Great alternative for air mattresses.
  • It firm without being hard and soft without being mushy.
  • The storage bags are beneficial.
  • The cover is charming and washable.
  • Plenty of cushion for sleeping on the ground.
  • The thickness and width could have been better.
  • The size is not convincing.

Willpo CertiPUR-US Memory Foam Camping Mattress

The Willpo CertiPUR-US Memory Foam Camping Mattress has the super comfortable velboa fabric and ⅓ memory foam with ⅔ high-density support foam. 

The high density is magnificent as it has incredible resilience and grants your constant support. 

Its memory foam also stands out as it brings much-needed comfort and relaxation to your body and the two types of foam make sure you stay well-rested.

As it is an inflatable sleeping pad, there will be no nagging complaints of back pain or any discomforts from the rocky terrain on your part. 

Moreover, it is non-slip and waterproofed to perfection, while the waterproof sheet is removable and machine washable.

In addition to that, the zippers are water-resistant and top-notch, which makes the pads very solid away from water while reducing the danger of you getting sick. 

The black non-slip bottom is ideal for hard tiles or floors.

This sleeping mattress is very portable, lightweight, and multi-functional and is very easy to roll up into a compact size, while it also includes a convenient travel bag.

It is built for the outdoors as it is damp-proof and activities like traveling or car camping for family, indoor use for house guests, and as a kids play mat. 

Furthermore, the sleeping mattress is very safe and easy to clean, while the zippered cover can be easily removed in no time, and it can be machine washed as well. 

  • Good value for money.
  • Water-resistance is great.
  • It is best suited for basecamp and sleepovers.
  • The storage bag is adorable.
  • It has the right amount of thickness.
  • It is multi-functional and ultra-light.
  • It is a bit hard to roll back up.
  • The memory foam expands very slowly in cold temperatures.
  • Not the best for backpacking.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Camping Mattress for Bad Back

Camping Mattress for Bad Back

Going out for a camping trip, you should always be proactive and take every necessary precaution to prevent yourself from any back issues, which can be a bummer, we get it. 

A top-quality mattress should be your priority as it would help you with your back pain, and it should be easy to use at any time of the day. 

A fine quality mattress gives you the proper support you need for your back and prevents you from experiencing any rocks, roots, and other disturbing things on the ground during the night, which allows you to sleep tight. 

Make you carry some orthopedic pillows with you as they are just what you need to take the pressure off of your back when you are sleeping. 

Many different pillows offer extra lumbar or knee support as well, so they feel the best after a long camping night.

Moreover, apart from all that information, there are many things that you need to look at before you choose the best camping mattress for a bad back. 

Let’s see some of the critical considerations you need to make when choosing the best camping mattress for a bad back.

Camping Type

Basically, there are two types of camping which are site camping and backpacking. You need to decide which type of camping you are in before choosing your sleeping mattress.

While the camping types can seem similar, some differences will take you towards the right mattress type to protect you from your back pain.

In site camping, you set up your tent in a permanent location, and the sites are accessible from a road which makes the weight of the mattress redundant, and you can even choose a large bed. 

Backpacking, on the other hand, is an entirely different ball game.

When you are backpacking, you are compelled to carry as little gear as possible so that your back stays lightweight enough for you to move to different places. If you are backpacking, a small mattress that is not very heavy is the one you should go for.

Dimensions of the Mattress

There many different types of factors that determine the dimensions of the mattress you’ve selected.

Apart from your mattress suiting your camping style, you need a bed that will fit right inside your tent. The size of the mattress depends on how many people are there with you or how big of an individual you are, and if you are a constant mover in your sleep.

Weight of the Mattress

This one is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? The type of camping you are going for will ultimately determine the weight of your mattress. 

If you are going for site camping, then the weight of the is not even a factor as it doesn’t matter if you go for a heavy mattress or lightweight mattress, but bulky mattresses tend to offer you more support.

But, if you are backpacking you have to go for a light bed for obvious reasons.

The Materials

A piece of good knowledge of some of the materials used in making a sleeping mattress will serve well. Nylon and polyester are some of the common materials that are used to make camping mattresses.

Both of these fabrics are very good, and nylon just pips polyester in terms of durability. Polyester fabric is straightforward to clean and is much more water-resistant in comparison to nylon.


Does camping harm your back?

All the fun activities like swimming, hiking, kayaking, and walking that you do on a camping trip are great forms of exercise, but they also move your body and muscles in a certain way you don’t do your everyday life. This can lead to back pain, especially if you don’t do any warm-up and stretching before you jump on to do these strenuous activities.

Do airbeds help prevent back pain?

The inflatable mattresses are not ubiquitous for the support they offer. Sleeping on an inflatable mattress long term can lead to back pain and stiffness. Your spine will be out of alignment without the proper support, and you certainly won’t have the sound sleep that you need.


We know how hard it can be to choose the right camping mattress when you have a bad back, but our list of best-camping mattresses for the lousy back of yours will undoubtedly make your work easy.

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